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Multi-purpose bases allow rods, holders, or other accessories to be attached to the kayak. The multi-purpose round flush mount blends seamlessly into the kayak's structure, providing a clean, streamlined appearance. This flush mount design minimizes clogs in the deck. Made from high-quality materials, this base guarantees durability and strength. It comes equipped with a leash to secure the fishing rod preventing its accidental loss.
Uso recomendado On all types of kayaks as base for rod holders Ref. 55100, 55110 and 55200
Montaje The base has 3 pre-drilled holes to facilitate its installation. This allows it to be securely fixed to the kayak deck. To flush mount it, a hole must be made in the kayak hull with a 35 mm diameter using a saw or crown drill bit with the appropriate size. Fixed to the kayak using 3 countersunk head screws with a M5 diameter (Recommended screws: Din 965, Din 966 and Din 7991)
Material Made of polyamide (Nylon), cap of PVC
Color Black
Peso 44 gr
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